I remember

I-remember-every-word-you-told-me°I remember praying and covering you every night in prayer. Sometimes awakened early in the morning to pray for you, the prayers weren’t prayers to bless me with you but prayers to God to cover you. I was shown some things and felt them deep in my soul, called for something Greater than you know! I still remember the day I heard the words to that prayer that took me deep in thought, I remember the connection and the bond I remember a true friend once upon a time. I remember promises, I remember caring, I remember love, I remember inspiration, I remember one of a kind, I remember a encourager, I remember a selfless, giving, kind, humble, loving, down to earth, remarkable being I remember…. I remember someone who spoke life to any situation just like me, I remember a Supporter I remember so much.

*Dear Women*

In life we will meet one that change our views on everything, helping us to see things we may have been blinded to. Pushing us to be even more Greater and helping us to see our full potential, we are always in the right place at the right time! But, we have to remember no one is never that perfect even though we want them to be. And we should never allow anyone to hold that much power but God, it is ok to love and have people in your corner to push and encourage you. But you have to know who you completely are, before anyone can add to you and help push you even more. Don’t lose yourself giving your all to just anyone, without being completely sure that they’re there to stay. This is why we cannot put everyone into the friend category etcetera , because everyone that smile and looks our way isn’t our friend.

People can make promises and say they will be there but what do their actions say? That’s what we must watch…. Not holding on to every word for dear life in the end to be heartbroken, because that person walked away without warning. You can be loyal to someone that just might not see you the same. Someone who didn’t see your heart because if they truly did, they would’ve known just how much you genuinely did care and believed in them.

*Anyone who genuinely wants to be in your life, will be in your life and show it and nothing or no one will stop them.

You will always know who genuinely has your back and who don’t. So never try to make anyone see your worth or stay, if they want to leave let them go and don’t dare try and make them keep their word! Dear Women, you are so worthy of the love you give rather it is to a friend or whomever! Remember you cannot force anyone to receive the love you give at all. And always keep in mind it is not your lost but their lost when they walk away . So dry your eyes and hold your head up high! I Know It won’t be easy when you truly love someone it never is, but in due time it shall get better just remember everything you learned good and bad. So, God forbid if you ever find yourself in the same predicament again. You will let it go faster saving yourself time, and no more heartache.


Don’t get lost in the storm

In the toughest storms you find out who was there and who never was… In life there will be many obstacles some easy to get through, but some will take everything you have to get through. But, the key is to never give up and continue to speak life in the storm. No matter how much rain may fall and how much wind may blow your way. For the storm is always a birthing season for something Greater, even though your strength and faith maybe tested always remember it could be worse. This is why it is never good to judge people for you never know, what battles someone maybe fighting. A great man said”No matter how powerful a man is, he always has a weakness.” This stuck in my mind because no matter how strong a person is or may look, there will be times a person maybe fighting something you know nothing about. Storms will come and they will go and you have the power in you to live through it. Don’t get discouraged or troubled in the storm, simply trust it is all working for your good and once you come out you will be STRONGER , WISER, BETTER, be encouraged and trust the process and don’t get lost in the storm! 



I can literally speak on everything because I have endured it all. And I am sure there will be more things to come, involving more things I will have to forgive. But, truth be told I really pray not because I have endured enough to last a life time. And I just trust there will be more good than bad!  We have all been at a point when things have happened, rather it is the act of betrayal or some things that happens were we must forgive the one(s) who has wronged us. We learn that in order for us to be healthy in every way, we cannot hold on to unforgiveness because it can literally make you sick. Unforgiveness is a silent disease of pain that starts as a offense, causing people to harbor the pain in their minds. Remembering what was done that will eventually spill over to their hearts.

No matter the situation forgiveness isn’t for the other person but for you. No matter how hard it is and if it takes working at it daily, until you know for sure you have forgiven anyone that has hurt you do it. Because forgiveness is for you and takes a way the power from the one(s) who hurt you. It says that even though it was something that caused you pain, you’re not willing to allow them to win and yes it is a part of life. We all go through and have or will be hurt, but there is nothing and never will be nothing pretty about it. We live and we learn and it teaches us to value and respect things more.


We could never understand why some things happen like they do, or don’t turn out like we feel they should. There are a few things that are for sure in life and one of those things is heartache, at some point in life we all will experience it and there is no way around it. People say love isn’t supposed to hurt, I totally disagree love isn’t squeaky clean it is through the hard times you learn what true love is!  It is in the times when you may have some tears, you will learn what true love is and if you truly love someone aren’t. It is when someone hurts you in a way so deep you have to pray your way through, that you learn what true love is and it is at that moment when hate, anger, and bitterness try to hit your heart but only to be defeated by love. It is in that moment you realize you genuinely love someone, and you always will no matter what has been done because the good will forever out way the bad.

Many people don’t know what true love is, and it is often the reason why many marriages have failed. Because at the first sign of trouble they’re quick to run, nothing stays together without work and love is one of those things. With each day there comes new reasons to love someone, and trouble or disagreements should never separate love. Hard times will let you know within your soul if their is a good reason, for someone being in your life that kind of ‘love’ should be worth fighting for. Many people are quick to give hate a try but give up on love fast, you will know true unconditional love by the truth it speaks to your heart and soul.



In today’s society many say they are loyal but do they truly understand the meaning? Especially when you have people you have been loyal to since the beginning, and they quickly throw you under the bus or push you to the side for other people. For what reason? Maybe it’s because they really don’t know what true loyalty is, or they do but other things blind their eyes from the truth. And you begin to wonder and question who they’re or if you ever really knew them. When the smoke clears all the true colors start to show, and yes it is like a knife to your soul to see anyone you ever cheered for and been loyal to. Push you to the side as if you don’t matter treating you so cold and others around better than you, what is loyalty do anyone know the true meaning of it anymore and what characteristics come with it?

People have it all confused today because now it’s okay some people think. To just hurt people without a care not even caring about the damage, and it will never be okay to misuse people or treat people any kind of way. For that’s not love or what it stands for, and to be loyal in complete truth you genuinely have to love 100% with no hidden agendas or rules. Like rules that state if you don’t do this or that, or have this or that the person won’t be loyal to you or there for you like you have been for them. I stand by this statement when it comes to this harsh truth, that there is more disloyalty than loyalty in the world today.

“If I had a million dollars, I still wouldn’t want any friends if they weren’t there through the storms I wouldn’t want them their after it.” Money cannot buy true loyalty or can it buy real love, and if people cannot love you or treat you the same no matter what you may have or can do. Those are the people you must keep at a distance and keep moving forward, because people who genuinely love you for you will say it and show it without hesitation.


The One

Some chapters you just have to close and never read again. Just like you have to learn to let go of some people when it’s the only option left, you cannot make people love you or accept you for who you are and see your worth. If they cannot see it on their own, that’s their problem and not yours and you have to accept it. In life we will meet people that only cross our path to teach us a valuable lesson, sometimes painful but it was something we had to learn. There will be people that come and go in our lives, some will stick out the most but their will always be one you will remember. One you will genuinely love forever in spite of good or bad, one you will forever be grateful you knew even if things didn’t work. Whatever the reason for it not working, rather it was the difference or other people who got in the way. There will always be “The One” that will remain special always, because of the irreplaceable connection/bond like none other “The One” will always hold a special place in your heart. Even when you see the greatness in them and forever will genuinely care, and you know all the good that do exist and there is nothing but forever respect for”The One”!!!!!

Truth Is.

Truth is when you genuinely love someone because of their heart, and you got to know both sides of them. And in spite of the wrong you genuinely still love and care for them as a person, because you honor, respect, and appreciate them flaws and all. And you believe in them and see so much greatness and good in the person, you have been loyal to and always will be in spite of hurt and dissapointment.  And through the heart aches you still lift the person up, because you will forever love the person unconditionally. Because your heart and soul became connected to the person. Not based on looks but a divine connection. When you find something so valuable that’s like none other and special, one should really hold on to it because true loyal people are very rare these days and hard to come by. And one should never allow pride to stand in the way, or the judgemental ways of anyone because what truly matters is what makes the person happy and not what other people may think or said.