A letter to every young woman

Be brave enough to find out who you’re on your own so you can understand your worth. Because if you don’t you will end up searching for it in all the wrong places, not realizing you’re adding salt to open wounds…….Instead of taking the time to understand what’s making you do all the things you do. You continue running in circles falling into the arms of the wrong man. Searching for love and understanding, and sometimes want(having someone who wants you, and someone who genuinely loves you for who you’re are two totally different things. I ask the Question “Young Woman What Are You Searching For, And Do You Know Your True Worth?” Please allow me to help you by speaking life to your situation, because you have so much to offer to this world!!!!!!

Let your heart shine so bright allowing all to see the God in you.

Yes you’re beautiful every one of you. But, I wonder do you know you’re Royalty? You may ask how is that?  Let me explain something to you……. When you were created in your mothers womb,  you were created for a divine purpose by a higher power. And anyone who has power and is Ruler over earth, is a King above all kings that walk this earth. So being birth through your earthly mother inherited from a King, that makes you the daughter(s) of Royalty!!!! So please understand  you deserve nothing but the best, and that starts with you speaking those words of good and not bad over yourself. You don’t have to go searching for it in a man, or whatever your situation is to make yourself feel worthy. You’re worthy all by yourself and and hearing “whomever ” say it don’t matter at all. Because your Higher Power has already said it and that’s all that matters. Even if you’re a young princess with a absentee father,  you will always  have a Father through the King…….. And He wants nothing but the best for you in every single way there is for you to have good.

°Be still and listen to your inner voice.

You need to know who you’re for many reasons and most of all know your worth. Because if you don’t a little boy(trying to be a man) will sometimes make you question your worth if you aren’t careful. That’s why you must be strong mentally, emotionally, and spiritually on your own. So when you say “No”(no matter the situation) your “No” will hold power with a firm I Mean It!!!!  Men can smell your weakness and will play off of it if you’re not careful. Young woman never lose your power and understand this, you don’t need to give yourself to any man(boy) to feel as if you’re somebody. Or to feel love that usually won’t last long, and 99%of the time it wasn’t love at all it was lust. Because any young man that really loves you young woman, will be willing to wait for you and that is real talk.

°Your body is a temple so therefore it must stay clean and holy at all times.

Wait with purpose and stay pure and don’t give yourself away, staying far away  from any soulties that will keep you bound/broken mentally or spiritually. Because that’s what will happen when you end up with the wrong one, and don’t wait on the right one. And giving yourself a way takes a way a part of you that is so precious, don’t empty  yourself to just a simple man or a boyfriend. Because if he really values you, he will make you his wife without hesitation and trust me when I say this . There are many talks you can have about life, many walks in the parks you can take. And many movies, bowling, skating, and even church functions you can go to you can even volunteer together. There are so many things to keep you occupied and extra busy, and truly learning about the one you say you love and the one that says he loves you. I hope I have encouraged you in some way or another, you’re valuable and precious jewels understand it and believe it. And everything else will fall into place for you, as you keep waiting with paintence on the one sent by The King just for you. Stay the beautiful rose 🌹 The Higher Power created you to be, if you have made a mistake in the past understand forgiveness is yours. All you have to do is ask for it and know that you’re forgiven, and simply start now with the wait you owe it to yourself.


Love the skin you’re in

One of the bravest things I have ever done!!!!

I don’t write this blog for sympathy so please keep that to yourself. I write this blog to encourage, inspire, and help build up anyone who maybe going through. And had to deal with the issue of not loving the skin you are in. Because maybe you were bullied, 0r just been told by certain people you are ugly/not cute enough….. Causing you to feel as if you are not good enough. Fact is you are more than enough, and we are all beautiful in our own unique way!!!!! So we must learn to live it, own it, and be brave with it and Love the skin we are in!!!! So walk with me on this journey as I share my truth, and hope that it empowers you to love all of you. And never allow anyone else to make you feel, or think that you are not good enough okay!!!!!

° We are all made in His image so therefore we are all royalty created by a King.

 I’ve never posted pictures of myself on any social-media site…. Because I was always afraid of what people may think or say, because I’ve seen some of the judgemental looks. And rather some want to believe it aren’t, you can go a lot of places and get a lot of things handed out to you. If you look like Beyonce, Cassie, Karruche, or Kim K just to name a few. And many men will look at your face first, then your hair and finally your eyes. Most men are attracted to looks that will eventually fade, instead of a womans heart and soul.

That kind of treatment can start to affect you mentally, emotionally, and spiritually amongst other things. Causing you to question your worth and even begin to hate the way you look at times, and the many what ifs come into your mind… . What if this?  What if that?  And then maybe if it was you would be further alone in life, not feeling overlooked and pushed to the side……  Having to get through low self-esteem, self-hate, self-evaluation of yourself . Which then turns into you judging every flaw you have, instead of loving and embracing every flaw that you have. Beating yourself up because a man just didn’t see you as good enough. But, everyone else is cute enough and worthy enough leaving you to have to rebuild yourself up. Finding the courage to look at what was broken and say you are beautiful. You are good enough, you are smart enough, strong enough, your heart is big and caring amongst other great qualities. And any man would be the lucky one to have you in their life. Trust me when I say it isn’t you it is them, and something within them that needs to be worked on!!!! So never allow another man to break you down so badly, that you begin to question yourself  and your worth. You have to know who you are and walk in complete CONFIDENCE , and know that one day the right man….. With the right out look will come a long and see all that you are worth and more.

°People will rate you, hate you, try to break you. But, it is up to you to not allow it to shake you or destroy you and who you are!

You have to love the skin you are in and know that you are one of a kind… Never allow anyone to take that peace from you. And anyone who talks about you, judge you, or mistreat you in any kind of way based on the way you look. Or for no reason at all because you don’t fit the standards….  On what they think you should look like, whatever “The Look” is!!! Shake it all off and pray for them and keep it moving, with all your beauty, style, and grace!!!! Because those that judge you and mistreat you, isn’t your problem to deal with God will take care of them. Stay strong loving you beautiful Queens, because God made you and that alone says you are Good Enough!!!!! And I hope you are loving the skin you are in!