Let Love Win

Stigma comes from people who try to play the role of a judge, and have no power or authority to. And the damage that can be done can be horrific on people. We all were put here with a purpose therefore, no human that walks this earth is better than the next. So, to walk around looking down on people as if they’re a disgrace isn’t of love at all…… Fact is people can feel vibes so if you walk around cutting your eyes at people, and turning your nose up at people don’t be shocked if you receive the same vibes back. What you put out to the universe and how you treat people, will eventually return back to you rather you are ready to receive it aren’t.

Be kind, loving, caring and respectful to one another.

How we treat people says more about our character, than it does the ones on the receiving end of wrong treatment. Every human that walks this earth no matter their past, has just as much right to respect as the ones some people may consider more worthy than others….. Because maybe they have done more in life than others, or have more to their names than others. Indifference is a evil treatment and can make people feel like they’re not good enough. But, fact is no one should ever go around making people feel so low about themselves. No one man or woman is perfect this is true and every soul deserves genuine love. Vibes are so contagious always keep that in mind, and we have so much power within us and should never underestimate that power. It was given to us many years ago, and the key is to learn how to use it for good.

°Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.

We should ask ourselves the question. What is it that we desire from the universe?  And then start to plant those seeds of good, whatever we sow into the ground will eventually come up. Whatever we sow into the lives of others shall eventually come back to us, never forget to show love no matter the situation. And to anyone that may feel as if you are being overlooked, always remember you matter too…….  And no matter what people may say or think of you. You are loved and you are valuable just as much as the next!!!! And there is purpose in you so hold your head up high, and continue to give good in spite of adversity and watch things work in your favor. When people mistreat you love them anyway, and as my mother would say overcome evil with good and allow love to win no matter what.