Don’t let the storms of life break you

I don’t have anything else that I feel is pure freedom for me. I’ve been writing poetry for a long time, and I just recently decided to take it up a level and blog…. I call it my own personal journal for the world to see full of truth, pain, overcoming, and so much more just a closer step to sharing my full complete story with the world. I write to encourage the next with hope that someone won’t have to go through, some of the things that I’ve endured and to be of help to the next, here recently in my own struggles with somethings my voice has almost been taken away and I will explain. I usually don’t go so deep into my life or get too personal….. But, I feel like someone may need encouragement to keep the faith, and not allow the storm(s) they maybe going through to break them. 052a903cd5aa2be0c0cb4420366c95e3bdde06-v5-wm°In the toughest storms a true warrior is born. Remember, the storms cannot break you because you have the power to control the storms.

I am a woman of faith who believes in prayer….  I believe in the Higher Power of God! And that there is a ruler over earth, with more power than the President who walks the earth. Prayer to me changes many things but without true works it is dead. We must believe in ourselves and the power that we hold, to speak to any storm even when it feels as if it is raging!!!!!! I’ve been through many things, so much so at times it can become overwhelming with many questions. I feel like from the middle of 2015 to now has been literally the worse, my point is we always think what we go through is very difficult to get through. But, there will always be something that comes a long to top it all off(much worse) leaving you like hmmm…….. From the middle of 2015 to now I’ve dealt with betrayal that left me feeling like I couldn’t breathe. I mean I felt like I was suffocating from the inside out, I just couldn’t understand it for nothing or why it happened but it taught me a lot. I will tell this story later on in my book, just know that in that storm I learned the true meaning of true forgiveness.

Fast-forward to now and I must say even though that was one of the hardest things. This year hasn’t been a easy one either. I truly believe with every test there is a reason for it, and why the storms come even when it may feel like you’re drowning!!!!  Trust me when I say we have the power to survive, I haven’t wrote a blog for a minute for many reasons. My voice had been silenced and I just realized, it was the enemy way of trying to shut me up. Dealing first with the loss of a family member, that left me stuck and literally frozen in pain amongst some other things…… As well as dealing with a few situations of my own, went to one doctor and he told me I had a growth on my right vocal card. And if it isn’t gone by the the next time I see him, he will have to do a biopsy to check and make sure it isn’t cancer(I’ve heard that word so much it is crazy) after that I had another test done and that report didn’t come back too good. With talks of possible surgery I mean I’ve gotten to the point I have no words, only words I have these days are “But God” and I will keep on praying. I use these few things as a example, even though there is much more to my story(I will leave out for now)and only I can tell it. It gets really hard at times but I hold on to the fact, that God is a God of grace and His grace is sufficient and His Love is powerful. And that no matter what we go through, we must believe that there is better and greater ahead of us. So keep trusting and have faith that the storm(s) won’t last long, a great man once told me “It gets greater later.” And that is why I continue to fight because I am determined, to see and have my Greater!