Reflections! What do you see?

We often ask God to search us to find anything that needs to be fixed.  But, do we truly mean what we ask Him for?  Or is it that we are too scared of what He might find and see? The first step to recovery(whatever that might be) is to first admit we have a problem. And as humans now one of us no matter how hard we try, will ever be perfect but we can work on being better than the day before. There are times we may point out what we see wrong in the next. But, do we ever stop and ask ourselves could we be a part of the problem? By doing this we truly must search ourselves, and look at every situation from both sides and before pointing the finger. Ask what it maybe in us, that cause the reaction we receive? What makes a person pull away? What makes a person isolate themselves? What makes a person so quiet at times that when you are around them. You may begin to think they don’t want to be bothered. When truth is, it could actually be the vibes they receive, that make them stay quiet and distant because they don’t know how to properly handle the situation. And don’t want to cause anymore assumptions(sometimes we all just think too much) when basically fact is if we just asked, or took the time to actually get to know a person. Instead of going off assumptions and opinions, we would all avoid the falling into the playing judge category! Fact is vibes are truly felt and we should ask ourselves what vibes are we giving off, that would cause the vibes you receive in return?

If we aren’t careful sometimes without knowing it. What you may think is wrong, could actually be a person pulling a you on you… Which is just a nice way to show you your own reflection. Hmmm! This is why communication is key, and we all were giving freedom of speech and it should never be hard to talk to one another. Instead of behind the backs of one another, besides there are so many more things to stand together and fight against in the world today. Like violence, poverty, bullying, child trafficking, and so much more like where are our priorities? When we reflect it should be a time to genuinely search us, a time when we shouldn’t be afraid of searching for anything that needs to be changed to make us better and stronger. When we reflect it is a time to let go of any negativity, unforgiveness, doubt, bitterness, anger and resentment that may hold us back from our full potential as workers for the Kingdom. Or just workers for humanity! When we reflect it should be a cleansing time, to rid ourselves of any toxic waste within our spirits. So that we may shine even more brighter, being all that we are truly meant to be to a world full of so much hate and pain. When we reflect it should be a time of truth, and time when fear of what we might see within ourselves disappear.And we are able to look at our own self with boldness and ask one question. HOW MAY I BETTER YOU TODAY?


Truth Be Told

When you genuinely love you love deeply from your soul, you show it in your actions because let’s face it. Words without action is just that words, there are many storms and test that will come to make us stronger. Some teaching us that patience through the process, is sometimes the best thing and letting God handle the rest taking everything to Him in prayer is the best solution and just let things go… Truth be told we are all different and how one may see something, which in fact might be truth another may not see it the same way at all. Sometimes it is best to agree to disagree and just move on, because right or wrong we all have flaws and things that we need to work on. And should be able to freely search ourselves, and ask what it is we need to work on and fix within us to make us even more better? And not always point the finger at one another, especially when everyone plays a part.

With so much going on in the world today. We all should be able to unite as one, asking what can we do to make the world a better place and add true genuine love to it? And be a light that we have all been called to be in the midst of darkness. Yes, we all have our own problems and going through different things. I wonder what happened to the good old days, when talking through things was a option and being there without judgment. And not just giving up so easily on one another? Because truth is we all need one another, what happened to the days were beef was ended the normal way and violence truly wasn’t a thing? What happened to hearing one another out, and not talking over one another and keeping our word to one another? These days people can say they are going to do one thing and do another, I know that’s life now and how the flow of things work in today’s society. But truth be told I pray that it gets better, I pray true change come and that real love with overcome any obstacles that anyone face these days. Because truth be told any unforgiveness/bitterness in your heart, will only hurt and hinder the person holding on to in the end. The question was asked how many times must one forgive? And Jesus replied back until seven times truth be told we should never hold unforgiveness in our hearts, think of how many times God has forgiven us and what if He was to give up on us like we so quickly give up on one another.

Reminds me of another scripture in the bible where is says Love is patient, love is kind, love doesn’t envy, love doesn’t boast, love isn’t proud or self-seeking and it keeps no record of wrong doing. There is Faith, Hope, Charity(love)and the greatest one of them all is Charity(love) so it is written that love will win. We just have to stay open to receive it no matter the setbacks or dissapointments, when we unite together we will always have the power to come out on top so allow Love To Win!!!!!!!

Don’t give up on love

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and there is favor too. I think about how I should give up on love, I mean why should I still believe in love? When love has wronged me many times, and wasn’t accepting of all the love I gave and had to give. Why should I believe love still even exist? These are the many questions I am sure many women have asked before. Been there done that and already overcame that, I know love to be truth and unconditional!!! I cannot and refuse to give up on love, I know one day I will love again when the time is right. I know for a fact it will never be the same love like for “the one” but I know the Most Highest One to be too kind!!!! And one day he will send the right one. And he will love me back just as much as I love him, and he will know that he has been given favor. Because in me he will surely have a good thing. Someone who will be his sure thing, loving him unconditionally. Praying for him, being there for him in each and every way. Respecting him and knowing my place is beside him. As God leads him to lead us through, I will be there to pray and intercede on our behalf. Keeping my future king lifted before the King, loving him soul to soul with truth and that’s why I refuse to give up on love and you should never give up too!!!!

Hold on and believe that your better and greater is on the way. Someone that will love all of you flaws and all, someone who will hug you and you will feel so protected in his arms… Someone that will add to your already complete self! Just making you even more better never give up on love and always remember, no matter what God loves you and is always there for you. Your future king is worth the wait because when God sends him he will be just right! And no harm, hurt, or confusion will come with him he will be the right one just for you. For God isn’t the author of confusion or will He send it, I mean keep praying and trusting in His timing. For Gods timing is always perfect take your hands off of it and never try to rush genuine love. When it is real it will flow naturally and you best believe it will be a two way street. With the both of you giving what it takes to build together and grow, I still believe in he who finds a wife and not she who finds a husband! Women in your heart you will know for sure if he is the one, but it is never your place to tell him it is his to tell you. Because he has to find you until then your heart should be so hidden in God, that he will have to seek Him even the more to get Gods approval!

What is Love? Love is everything through the good and the bad, and sometimes there will be bad but that don’t mean you give up ladies…. Because when you genuinely love someone from your heart and soul, you won’t just stop.. Never give up on love because love, real true genuine love will never give up on you!!!

To Know You

To know you was like a dream and full with many great things. A gift to the universe with a heart so big and pure, one of a kind special and real. A teacher, a friend, a encourager, a listener full with patience and inspiration full of light and love for the world. Called for something greater than you could ever imagine, to know you is a blessing full with truth and one could never  understand. What valuable lessons one learned and how empowering it is just to know you.

A woman lost and scorn heart literally clawed at by what she thought was real love. When fact is she didn’t really know love until you a true friend she was to you. The walk of strength and courage full with wisdom, all wrapped up with perfection in you. Created by a higher Power, that left a light so bright in you that even the stars couldn’t outshine you. To know you is to know someone so remarkable, a kind and loving most of all caring soul you are. Who helped a lost soul find her worth, and gain more strength. Who pushed her for the better with encouragement, when she didn’t even believe in herself and the connection/bond. Made her want to be even more  stronger, braver, bolder, and truly more courageous!!!! She wanted nothing more than to love you forever, what she saw in you was grace it is what made her care for you deeply she saw your heart of truth.

She saw your heart that’s what she became connected to. She saw the beauty of the Highest Power within you, she saw inspiration and a new smile of happiness in you each day she was in your presence. Her voice became silent as she listened humbly in submission, a woman of respect and courage listening to wisdom… She didn’t want to miss nothing a new lesson learned everytime she heard you speak. She saw a prince a true son of a King, she saw love and someone Highly Favored! What she saw in you was some thing incredible and unshakable, cannot be created twice one of kind you are and forever will be. To know You what a honor she is for ever grateful, to know you is a blessing one she will cherish a kind heart with a gentle and giving spirit.