Don’t give up on love

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and there is favor too. I think about how I should give up on love, I mean why should I still believe in love? When love has wronged me many times, and wasn’t accepting of all the love I gave and had to give. Why should I believe love still even exist? These are the many questions I am sure many women have asked before. Been there done that and already overcame that, I know love to be truth and unconditional!!! I cannot and refuse to give up on love, I know one day I will love again when the time is right. I know for a fact it will never be the same love like for “the one” but I know the Most Highest One to be too kind!!!! And one day he will send the right one. And he will love me back just as much as I love him, and he will know that he has been given favor. Because in me he will surely have a good thing. Someone who will be his sure thing, loving him unconditionally. Praying for him, being there for him in each and every way. Respecting him and knowing my place is beside him. As God leads him to lead us through, I will be there to pray and intercede on our behalf. Keeping my future king lifted before the King, loving him soul to soul with truth and that’s why I refuse to give up on love and you should never give up too!!!!

Hold on and believe that your better and greater is on the way. Someone that will love all of you flaws and all, someone who will hug you and you will feel so protected in his arms… Someone that will add to your already complete self! Just making you even more better never give up on love and always remember, no matter what God loves you and is always there for you. Your future king is worth the wait because when God sends him he will be just right! And no harm, hurt, or confusion will come with him he will be the right one just for you. For God isn’t the author of confusion or will He send it, I mean keep praying and trusting in His timing. For Gods timing is always perfect take your hands off of it and never try to rush genuine love. When it is real it will flow naturally and you best believe it will be a two way street. With the both of you giving what it takes to build together and grow, I still believe in he who finds a wife and not she who finds a husband! Women in your heart you will know for sure if he is the one, but it is never your place to tell him it is his to tell you. Because he has to find you until then your heart should be so hidden in God, that he will have to seek Him even the more to get Gods approval!

What is Love? Love is everything through the good and the bad, and sometimes there will be bad but that don’t mean you give up ladies…. Because when you genuinely love someone from your heart and soul, you won’t just stop.. Never give up on love because love, real true genuine love will never give up on you!!!


Author: ladyebonyl

Walking in my truth using life lessons to help the next. Perfecting my craft one blog at a time, walk with me on the journey of telling my story.

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