Today I woke up and had the urgency to visit back in time. A time I wasn’t even born yet, my mother wasn’t even thought of in this time either. This was the time my grandmothers were born. Seeing things a woman like me today, never had to see coming up as a child. I felt the need to visit this time, to pull strength and as I listened to the song “Freedom” freedom over me, and before I be a slave I’ll be buried in my grave. And go home to my Lord and be free! As the song played, I could see my grandmother(my mother’s mom) holding her mother’s hand. A hand of strength that would pass power down. Power to the next generation, I speak of my grandmother because she was the strongest woman I knew. Her bravery, courage, was birthed back in the days of slavery. Fast forward now to 2016, and I questioned the repeat and why are we not yet completly free? The people have reversed time and what our ancestors fought for. Rather it is mental freedom, freedom from crime, injustice, indifference, just freedom. I took the time to go back to a place I wasn’t even thought of yet. My mother hadn’t even been born yet, I took the time to go back and pull strength. To be reminded of what true bravery looked like, to remind myself that no matter what we face today it is nothing. We come from a blood line of strength, courage, bravery. I took the time to go back and listen to my ancestors spirits, to hear them speak and say be free…. Be free of anything that holds you down, be free of brokeness, fear, doubt, and to stand brave as we can. Because we have the strength, it is our birth right that was marked on us a long time ago. #Freedom #BeFree #Live #Love #Bravery





IMG_20160815_113358I often write to free many things and I tell you being on the Lord side is a struggle. I will always keep it real and never sugarcoat anything, there are times when attack after attack will come from left and right.. And sometimes we as humans welcome these attacks, we welcome them by not staying centered and focused. We welcome them by becoming distracted, rather it is by the situations we are facing or people who have been placed on our path. To distract us and keep us bound, we stay bound because we don’t learn properly the first time. I tell you we cannot worry about people, worrying about people will cause you to miss your blessings! Especially worrying about people that don’t worry about you, are even think twice about you. People will drag you down with their negative good for nothing opinions about you. Telling you what you should’ve done, or need to do they offer up a lot of opinions but no help. Basically in their own negative way, trying to keep you down looking behind when you are doing your best to move forward. Let that dead weight fall off you today, anything that has you stuck let it fall off. I mean release it completely, and watch things turn around for the better!!!!