Don’t allow the enemy the opportunity to torment your mind.

It has been a while since I have blogged anything. I don’t write for fun I write when I am lead to, and as I sat in complete silence for half the day I heard this topic. And anyone that read/have read any of my blogs, should know by now I basically use life lessons to help and encourage the next.  My dreams had started to feel like deja-vu. I would get up from a dream about one particular  person. I usually do my best to overlook dreams, and not pay them too much attention and just pray. But I did a little research because I wanted to understand these dreams. I already knew where the attack was coming from, and I could hear the warning stop letting the devil use this person to torment you and your mind.

See the devil really don’t have any new tricks at all. And he will sometimes use things/people to try and break you, and cause you unwanted stress. When he sees he cannot win while you are up, he will use the same attack to get into your subconscious mind. Having you all drained the next morning, taking the peace out of your rest if you allow him to. This is why you must stay many steps ahead, remember the power that you hold and speak to the storm and tell it to move. Sometimes we can unintentionally allow enough room for the enemy to get in, even the smallest space is enough. The enemy is sneaky, and will have you reliving the same hurt from years ago if you aren’t careful! This is why you must recognize the attacks, and begin to pray against them and search deep until you experience true healing/deliverance.. From whatever pain you maybe going through.

It is a process but one that can be done when you take a good look at why it is happening. Why would the enemy be trying to torment you with something old? Could it be something you need to say to someone? Could it be that you possibly haven’t forgiven completely? Could you be holding some bad feelings in about the person or people? Whatever the case maybe do whatever it takes to be truly free, and don’t allow the enemy to torment your mind with past hurts. Do some cleaning and purge the residue of anything, that may still have you broken in any kind of way.