My Dear Sister-Women

I see this so much and at one time I was you getting so lost in loving a man so much, you end up sacrificing yourself. Forgetting about your worth and value, not keeping in mind you are worth so much.. He stops calling and so full of excuses but he says he loves you, he says he cares for you and you are valuable to him. And you are friends, and he will never let anyone come between the two of you. But his words and everything he says shows he truly don’t care about you, or do he value you because if he truly did. He would make sure without excuses, that his actions line up with his words. 

He swears it is nothing about you that makes him act indifferent, but he can smile and be extra friendly and go out his way for other women.. But you are the one that supposed to mean so much to him as a person. But yet he treats you as a second option like he is missing something, and showing you he thinks someone else is better than you believe his actions woman. And stop believing his words, that aren’t true and let that man go. Because   he don’t deserve that unconditional sacred unwavering love you have for him. He doesn’t deserve the loyalty and the way you watch out for him, because he certainly don’t watch out for you are protect and value your feelings like you do his.

Be healed and know that any man that means what he says will show you in truth. He won’t have no excuses at all and prove he is real, and if he truly want you in his life he will make sure you are there without no doubt. Making it clear that his word is bond, at the end of it all we have our word. And we must learn to value and honor our word in truth. Just be honest all the way around. Because a prideful man is never one you can break women, so don’t even try to. His standards are set so high. That a good woman can be right before him, and his pride will cause him to miss his blessing. God will send you a grateful good man, that will think you are good enough in each way. So until then gaurd and protect your heart and never settle for anything than the best!!!!!


The Testing Of Your Faith.

In life we will be face to face with many situations that can sometimes become difficult. But, the key is to never give up because quitting is never a option for those who are determine to win. Every situation good or bad comes to teach us valuable lessons, there will be twist an turns but one thing for sure is you can come out stronger/wiser than you went it.

I know this because I personally have dealt with many situations that have tested me. Especially when it comes to people, I have dealt with people who have literally wronged me many times. And I question their character, because when people show you their true colors you simply have to believe them. Some people will test you so much that you will begin to lose hope in certain ones, this is were the testing of your faith comes in and you must look at the situation from every side. Especially when you love in truth, it makes it really hard to give up on people and leave them all by themselves. Even when they will/have left you alone, faith says there is still hope. Even when chances run out for those, who misuse your trust. And begin to take your heart/feelings for granted, faith says pray that they will see their wrong and change.

Faith says in spite of the situation you must ask yourself what would Jesus do? Faith will push you when you get sick an tired of being sick an tired. Faith will cause you to love them through pain, faith will keep you praying for better even in the midst of the test. Faith tested time after time can be difficult, but you must never give up or in because you know that only if you believe in truth. Your faith mixed with genuine love will win, it will overcome the test no matter how many times it has been tested. 

Because you faith is strong and unbreakable and built to last, the bible clearly says that faith without works is dead. Work your faith even when it looks difficult, and you will eventually see that you can do all things through Christ/faith because you are strong and more than a conquer!