Messages of hope: Healing after the storm

Betrayal, lies, emotional abuse, just to name a few things that aren’t easy to conquer and get through. Can end up leaving you drained in more ways than one, can leave you searching for peace in the midst of a storm. Have you wondering why you so angry? Why you so quick to snap at the next person, when they only made a mistake? When you find yourself in this place, it is immediately time to find the cause and then release it. We often put ourselves back into the same storms, that leave us so drained while the ones who brought the rain(tears and pain) often walk around with no remorse at all. Sometimes even playing the victim when then know exactly the roles they played. Sacrificing yourself for others when they have proven, they most definitely wouldn’t for you.

Toxic behavior towards you can leave you feeling broken, and most of all confused. I mean you did everything right, you forgave over and over again. You loved more than you loved your own self, you encouraged, was loyal, patient, understanding and so much more. But it was simply never enough especially for those, who simply only think of themselves……



Where is the genuine LOVE?

In a world that is so cutthroat that if you don’t stay focused on the prize and connected to the Most Highest One. This world will literally chew you up, and spit you out quickly. Everything is mentally this is why God tells us to renew our minds daily, so much hate and negativity running around when we should be focused on Love. Even in the Bible God says Charity is the greatest one above them all, so why do we as people find it so hard to Love genuinely? Quickly stabbing those in the back who are/have been loyal in complete truth. Why do others intentionally bring hurt to one another in a already ruthless world? Where is the genuine Love? I am simply confused. Instead of pushing our brothers/sister’s under the bus to get ran over, why not simply ask how can we lend a true helping hand?

This is hard for so many when it is truly easy to Love in truth when your heart is completely right. Instead some rather be like the world and literally abuse each other mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. This all simply must stop instead of waiting for another New Year to start, why not get the Loving one another in truth completely right NOW? Standing up for truth an equality, standing up for justice and human rights so many things to be brave for. And Let’s stop killing one another too, I say Us because…. Even if one hasn’t physically brought a end to another, so many are killing others with their words and negative opinions of another. 

No Pretending just genuine truth of helping to restore, you just never know who you might be helping to get through and win. Stop helping by adding more hurt to a already broken in pain person/people, we all go through things daily and there are times battles are being fought on the inside of humans that they hide. So don’t make it harder for others by adding to their stress, be mindful and truly real towards all and walk in peace!!!!!