I wish I could. 

If I could scream it to the roof top just how much I love him. If I thought that would change his pride, stubbornness, and sometimes selfish ways I would do just that. If I thought it would truly open his heart to see what I see, and to know what I know I would do that and much more just to have him close. If I could do anything to help him to see that I am the strength, in the midst of his weakness and the push that will push him to even greater. I would do what it takes to help him see just that, I wish I knew him before the mistake(s) and then I would’ve known complete truth. I never knew true love until him, he saved me in the end and he knows he did too the love I have in my heart for him will out live me. I wish I could make him see but it isn’t my place to do that, I have found peace in knowing that no matter what outside of his mother. There will never be another woman to love him like I have and always will.

The bible clearly says he who finds a wife finds a good thing. And finds favor with the Lord, so therefore no matter what. It is never the woman’s place to find him, or is it her place to help him see/find her in any kind of way. A woman must stay so perfectly hidden in God, that the man must seek Him to find her and love her in truth.

 Who knows maybe in another life he will find me, the love is real and will live throughout eternity. This is one of those stories of living through it. Sometimes two people can very much be meant for one another. But the timing could be off that they will never end up being, but a true lesson was learned and that’s genuine love comes from your soul. And it isn’t temporary or fake but it lives through pain, it lives through disappointment, indifference, pride,stubbornness, selfishness, anger. True love will always overcome and win, true love heals the greatest hurt. I believe true love breathe life into dead situations. True love got on the cross so we could have a chance, true love got up for us. So no matter what if it is meant to be, true love will find away to win!!!!!!