Dear You From Me.

She don’t look like Beyoncé and her skin isn’t light enough. She too dark and too skinny, she too big and not thick enough. Her legs are skinny and she don’t have curves, she stay with someone. She too quiet and she frown too much, she don’t look right to me. Her hair not dark enough oh and she has no booty. Is that your real hair? No it’s too short… No it’s not long enough, why your nails and your toes not done? She not mixed, something is wrong with her. She just don’t fit with what I like, and she isn’t attractive. Why she cannot look like Halle Berry? Why she don’t make a high salary?  That car she drive ain’t good enough for my liking, I need a girl with natural skin no makeup. I want my woman to wear makeup, and she must dress nice all the time and wear heels like Beyoncé. 

…………………………………………….The judgement and so many  picky thoughts that run through most men head. Sometimes being so picky that they end up missing “The One.” Because they want a Beyoncé look alike when fact is, there is only one Beyoncé who cannot be duplicated. Some women are like this too when it comes to men, but I believe the Complex came from men. When fact is every woman is a precious jewel, created by the Most High. And yes sometimes she can and will be

but most definitely a one of a kind gem. With all the demands put on a woman until a man realize truth, if it came down it. And you woke up tomorrow and said you was wrong about her and you see what God has shown for so long, and you want to give it a try. Fact is a real woman genuinely wouldn’t want you at all, and would bless God for reaching you and causing you to wake up to truth. She would never ever accept that so long went by, and you allowed  judgement to cloud your views. Wake up men and realize while you judging a woman, the best way to get to know her is spirit to spirit. Because one day that Beyoncé beauty you so desire will fade. And then the true question is what will you do then? When what attracted you to her( her looks) is old and wrinkled. When will men who is looking to fall in love with a woman start seeing her soul? And realize this is her essence, and the first true key to a long marriage? Because every pretty face(in their opinion) is sometimes beautifully empty with no true beauty. Because the heart is simply not right, and she ends up being just a pretty face with nothing more to offer than just pretty. 



It is really sad that if you don’t fit in to what the world think is beauty, you can be harassed and picked at until you are forced to react. Fighting one another and calling people horrible names isn’t okay, it isn’t okay to treat others as if they have no value and not worth anything. Women/ young girls who may think they’re better than the next. Understand this you can have the most beautiful face in the world, but if your heart is ugly on the inside you are most definitely ugly on the outside. The hate, envy, jealousy, and just pure evilness isn’t cute. Treating people poorly is bound to come back on you, whatever you sow in life is what you will reap. Being hateful towards others just because, will get you no where in life and it most definitely won’t bring you any good.

So just stop the hate and the indifference. There is so much more strength in unity, and finding peace in a already cold world. Knowing that your words have power, use them wisely to help build up the next person and not tear them down! Understand we all are going through something in life, but it gives no one the right to pick on the next person just to be evil. Love is so much more better than hate, and we must understand that love has the power to heal a already broken world. So what are you putting out Love are Hate? Be careful to choose wisely because the world is counting on you to be wise, and not unjust.

Every woman don’t look the same or act the same. There is only one Beyoncé and one Rihanna, there can only be one Halle, Naomi, Nicki, Tyra. And then there is only one you and you have to know you rock, and you don’t live for what the world thinks. You live for what you know young girl and woman, God made each human in His own image so therefore you are one of a kind. God don’t make any mistakes, and you most definitely are a work of art beautiful soul!!!!!