The God in you.

A love so sweet hidden deep within her heart. And she couldn’t denie it even if she tried, a connection so real like in the movies. But a real life deal something unspeakable, a once in a life time feeling. Never duplicated and unsaturated, Heaven could’ve only made it! No one in there right mind could escape it! You wait your whole life time to look into the eyes of your soulmate.. Someone made especially for you by the Heavens that God created. Someone you just know is that extra missing piece to you, someone you can look at and see the God in and that’s every single way.

A brave heart, a kind heart, a giving heart. One full with love but yet so fragile and fearful of opinions, one who has such a beautiful soul but don’t understand the true meaning of what real love is. Real love you see with your heart and soul, you see the potential in the one who is made just for you. Real love is when you see 50 years and on, see the outside beauty will eventually fade and it is the heart that remains. But you cannot force one to see the truth. So you continue to move forward in everything you do, with a love that will never die hidden deep inside you. You learned to survive and live without the one you will always love. The one that stole your heart from you! The one you adore because you loved him for who he was in the beginning. You love him for the real him, the person he is destined to be. You love his smile, his heart, his soul, his spirit, his strength, and so much more.

See that type of love you cannot throw away. That type of love will never ever fade. That type of bond is only one of a kind, when someone continues to love you in spite of your wrong and prideful ways. You can never really duplicate someone, who will never give up on you and in spite of will always believe in you. When you find someone genuine,loyal,respectful, kind, and has a beautiful soul. Don’t lose that person because of your pride, and your huge ego and especially because of what others may think or say. When you genuinely love someone you love all of them, you love the God in them!