Eternal Love

Eternal love I don’t think you will ever understand this kind of love, a love that looked past your every flaw and saw your heart. A love from the depths of her soul! Eternal love I wonder will you ever know, just how much you had in someone so genuine? Eternal love will you ever understand this kind of love? A love that loved you past the lies, judgment, this kind of love can never be replaced.

A love that came from the heart and now hidden within just to survive this life. A love that wasn’t fabricated and never can be duplicated! A love that forgave, prayed, and covered you in spite of hurt. Eternal love I wonder do you know what you pushed away? And caused a great deal of pain, someone who trusted you and the bond you said would never be broken or came between. Eternal love I wonder will you ever understand? Something that was tested and failed because of betrayal, disloyalty, judgment, indifference, lies and allowing others opinions to over shadow what was in your heart from the start. Eternal love written before time and not even pain can kill, it will live throughout eternity and beyond.

Eternal love that will always have your back no matter what. Even in distance will forever respect you, forgave you and still to this day honors the King in you!