Love in the midst of the storm.

How do you deal with a situation that is emotionally draining? One that breaks your heart over and over, not understanding why a person is the way they are. Like what hurt them so deeply to cause them to reject, and push away a love that is pure and unconditionally true? What causes them to block something with a harden heart? I mean take a chance on getting to know everyone else around, but block and stay guarded from the one that has done nothing but love and honor them with respect.. What causes a person to be so cold towards love, and hurt love like the heart doesn’t matter? Could it be the outside voice that stays too overly concerned and controlling? This is why people should mind their business when it comes to friendships, relationships, or situations that don’t involve them at all. Because while they think they might be helping, they are only adding more fuel to a already harsh burning fire(just back off) better yet just stay out of it all together.

If someone brings a situation to you and it doesn’t involve you, the best response is I don’t want to hear it you two work it out. You two sit down and hash it out and be truly honest with one another. That way you won’t be involved in gossip(that’s what it is) when both parties aren’t around to hear. And one person is saying to the outsider what should’ve been said to the one involved. Fact is hurt people hurt people and do they care is a big question? You have one person who is loyal, respectful, caring, and honest with nothing but love in their heart. That believed and trusted only to get hurt and betrayed for what? Why do people push away those who love them and never would hurt them? Why do people play games and judge people who they don’t know in truth, and never took the chance to genuinely know? Why do people hurt people with their horrible actions, and then turn around and play victim like they done nothing wrong? People in today’s society don’t value and cherish people in truth, they don’t honor and respect those who genuinely value them and would never hurt them. They treat those who love them in truth like the enemy, the ones that put up with their mess and all their flawed ways and never hurt them. The ones that protect them even when they aren’t around, even when they throw the ones that LOVE them under the bus with their selfish and prideful ways.

You have to be one blessed person who has anyone in your life, that will endure the storms with you and still love you in your crazy ways. You should stop and question, why do this person still love me so much even after all I done and all the hurt I caused? Why would this person still believe in me? Why would this person still respect me and be gentle? Fact is when you genuinely love someone, you don’t give up on them in spite of their flaws. You don’t throw them away like they don’t hold value, you continue to give them GRACE even when they don’t deserve it. When you love someone from your heart, and the depth of your soul it is eternal and forever.


The sting of judgement

I see this so often going on in the world daily. It causes youth to have anxiety, depression, stress, and so much other invisible pain. And for what? Because they are trying to figure themselves out, to try and fit to the standards of what society has stated is beautiful and acceptable and it is extremely unfair. And then you have those who judge you for being you. When you are a introvert or empath it isn’t easy to come out, so why pick apart someone like that with judgement? Oh, they too quiet and not approachable that’s judgement and saying you don’t think they are good enough. Have the world ever thought about the damage that does? Let me let you inside the head of a empath/introvert and just maybe you will understand a little better. And then just maybe the attack of character will stop.

A introvert stays reserved for many reasons and one is comfort. In a big world where it is already hard to survive, a introvert stays sheltered to keep themselves away from pain. More than likely somewhere on their path they were hurt by some people or a person. And find it hard to trust after more than one incident of hurt, so to avoid this problem and not being hurt again they shelter themselves and close off. There own space is comfort and safety, they have tried more than once to put themselves out there and trust over and over again. Just to get the same result from people, so before you try to judge someone like this. Why not try and meet them were they are? Why not try and get to know them and understand them? It is call adapting and adjustment, you help a introvert see that you aren’t like the rest. Because a introvert watch your actions above all things, and that’s because the truth of who you are is in your actions. You cannot say anything to a introvert and not have them hold you accountable, they watch to believe you.

#Empath A empath carries the weight of the world on their shoulders, and at the top of that list that is emotions. A empath is a emotional human who can feel and sense lies from truth, they are like sponges. And once they sense rejection, it’s like a knife stuck in a already painful situation. Rejecting someone without genuinely taking the opportunity to get to know someone. A empath picks up on vibes and what is in the heart and minds of others. A empath picks up on every emotion another person has, they sense the aura of anyone. So if they sense resentment and harsh feelings and a harden heart, they will deal with you accordingly. They will usually distance themselves, this is done to protect themselves the best way they know how. Mix a introvert with a empath, you have one of the most kindest, caring, giving, protecting human beings. Who live in their minds and feel deeply, who has such a big heart that it soaks up unintentionally the emotions of the world. A empath thoughts are how can I help heal the world, without allowing the world to drain me? A empath is a loving person, who loves deeply. A introvert don’t take to many people especially those who judge, and hurt and push them away after they took the chance to let you in. A introvert will always connect with those the universe has lined up for them already. A empath truly loves people and care deeply, so to blame someone like this before knowing who they are. Is simply adding heartbreak on them, because they fight daily for balance and they don’t bother or hurt anyone. So to judge them for who they are, just goes to show why they stay sheltered from people who show favoritism/indifference towards them because of who they are.

So before you judge anyone search within yourself, and ask how do I treat all people? Just imagine a person like this stepping out their comfort zone. You have to meet people half way and love all in truth, it isn’t ok to pick and choose especially when you are in a situation of dealing with different people. And if it is a empath this is a very delicate person, someone who is already fragile.

Truth Be Told

I just about reached that point again that I spent a long time running from, that moment I realized you were still there in my heart. I did so much to cover it up and hide the love, so I spent all day questioning after everything Why? Why are you still in my heart like you are? Why is love still so heavy in my heart, and why are you embedded there? And no matter how much I try to hide it, and run from it and the reminder of no longer having you there. You are the one I’ll love until the day I die, you will live in my heart forever. I know the conversation between me and the Most High concerning you, but I also know the place I am in too. A place where I desire to strengthen me even more, to be the best me possible. To spread the Love of God the best way I know, to continue to be focused on what matters in this moment to me the most. Yes, you are one of a kind special to me and my soul. I’ll never disrespect you and this you know, I would die for you. I have already proven my loyalty to you, and I have already proven the truth of what genuine love is when it comes to loving you.

Love is when you see past a person flaws and love them still. Love is when you have disagreements, but you find ways to see yourself through them. Love is in spite of differences you never lose hope, faith, trust, or understanding. Love keeps no record of wrong and will conquer hate, anger, and resentment. Love is what will see anyone through the fire and back to life. Love will even conquer death just like Jesus did, and will live throughout eternity. That’s the kind of love I have hidden in my heart for you, there was once a time I found it hard to breathe without you. And I honestly didn’t know how I would live without you, but thank God for His Love and my prayers to Him. He saw me through and continues to see me through daily, and any time I get back to that moment of feeling the pain of not having you there. I lean on God and I trust Him to hold me together, I wish I could snap my fingers and the love will just go away. But truth is I have accepted that it won’t and that’s because you took my heart so long ago.

I thought I knew what Love was before knowing you. But you taught me what it truly is, and that it first starts with loving myself and knowing my worth. You taught me so much and helped save my life, I wish I would’ve knew you before it all and had you there to hear me like you always did. You pushed me to be better, and you pushed me to do better and to find my true strength. They may say why do you still love him after betrayal, broken promises, disloyalty, and indifference? My response to that is when you genuinely love someone, you don’t stop loving them because of their flaws. You pray for them, you fast for them, you keep on having faith in them. You remember the good in them and let it outweigh the bad, you don’t throw them away or push them away. Because you know they are genuinely better than that, and you know the greatness that is deep on the inside of them.