Dear Diary

I have had dreams and looked into the future with a smile. Seeing me join my hand with yours, next to you loving you. I honor your life and you are so special to me, forever in this life King. I call you King because it is your birth right, true royalty you are the most annoying and amazing man wrapped up in one. I take the good with the bad because that’s LOVE, the good always outweigh the bad. You inspire me for the better, and you challenge me to be my best me as possible. Before you I thought I knew what love was and fact is I didn’t, LOVE is everything the bible says it is and more.

One of the words that sticks out to me the most is endurance, Lord knows I have literally been through hell and back regarding you. Betrayal and broken promises to me, but yet I still believe. I believe in the man I know you are so deeply, the man that is walking into greatness. The man who in spite of his stubbornness. Is smart, wise, gentle, caring, giving, and one who will never quit. The man who really loves people, the man who would give his last to help out those he love. The man who strength is beyond remarkable, could literally carry the weight of the world with a smile. I know when you are down though you cannot hide it from me, but you carry things so well. I love your will to push in spite of the storms, I love you because you make me better and push me out my comfort zone. I love you because with God first, you helped save my life. I know how things started and the connection, I also know how other people got involved and me not understanding your ways and being distant and cold at times. Played a huge part in pushing you away, I know there has been so much not understanding one another. But one thing for sure is you have my heart, you are the greatest man I know. I have tried to stop loving you dear God I have, I simply came to the conclusion it is in my heart eternal. I adore you with every fiber of my being, and yes you had it right I will never want to know this world without you. Because fact is I would lose my mind, I get mad at how much I love you. And I ask God to take it away like all of it, truth is I know it won’t go away because I was meant to love you. No matter the outcome I will always love you regardless, because this bond was made before time and not even hell or storms could break it and that’s eternal.

Dear Diary: God says love is patient(I have been that) God says love is kind, I have been that too even when I was mad at you. Love doesn’t envy, I only honor you. Love isn’t proud or self-seeking or easily angered, Lord knows there have been times I could’ve hurt your feelings. But, I have always went out of my way to protect your feelings and cover you. Even if it meant taking the blame and saying I am sorry, even when I wasn’t wrong. I have did it all and more because the LOVE is real, I even question myself. How can I love someone who hasn’t been loyal like I have to him? How can I love someone who has broke trust, promises, and hurt me? Simple for better or worse and that’s what a woman does, when you believe in someone so much you don’t give up on them. And in spite of the bad the good wins, and true LOVE conquers all.