To My Clark Kent

There are so many reasons I can name why I love you, fact is a blog can only be so long. I wish I would’ve knew you before all the pain, but I believe you came at the right time and what started off as admiration. Turned into a divine connection, and deep down you will always know this too. Many got involved with jealousy, and just so much more. But that never stopped me from loving you, even when what they said and did. Caused you to change it never stopped me from loving you, because I know what I seen and I know what I felt deep within my heart. Truth is you don’t get this type of connection but once, you are the strongest man I know and you have been through the fire. And on some occasions I have felt the burn, when you hurt I hurt. When you are down I pray for your strength, when you feel overwhelmed by so much I can feel it. And I trust God to lift it and ease every burden, there is no doubt that if I saw you in danger I would step right in the way. I would lay my life down for you, because I believe in you and see the purpose deep within you. Words couldn’t even describe why I love you so much(dear God why the tears right now) this love I have for you comes deep from within my soul. I am connected to you for a reason and I have tried to break it, I have even prayed to God to take it all away from me.

I know you aren’t my saviour you are just a natural man with flaws, nowhere near perfect. You can be very stubborn at times too, and Dear God sometimes you work my last nerves but it only makes me love you more. Second to God you helped save my life and you pushed me to be better, you pushed me to be a stronger woman. When no one else believed in me, you were there for me. You were there in my darkest hours and pushed me, when I felt like my life was over and was ready to give up you pushed me. That night I can remember feeling lifeless, I felt pain and so much more on the inside of me. I thought it was over and I was in complete tears, because I didn’t understand so much. And you called me at the request of someone, and you spoke life when all hope had left me. I didn’t think I would see another day but your faith, and your prayer and you believing in me pushed me through. And you telling me I am stronger than I was giving myself credit for, pushed me and you are a huge reason why I am the woman I am today. Your heart, your will, your spirit, your kindness, the love you have for many. The way you fight and give your all, the way you believe and see good in spite of any circumstances you trust it will turn around. Your smile and just your presence is light, you are the link I know it. And your story of truth will help save many, you are smart and bold and strong too. You are a hard worker and you stand with dignity, you are a gift to me! And as long as you are here on this earth, together are not together I will honor you and everything about you. The world is so much better because you are here, and that is enough for me. I respect your choices and your word, I respect you with everything in me. And I want nothing more than to see you happy and living your best life, I am selfless enough to say that with truth as long as you are happy. Where ever you are in the world, that will be just fine with me. It won’t be easy but I accept it because it’s your choice, no matter what you will always be my Ace and my Clark Kent!!!!

Simply the strongest and most courageous man ever, you taught me the meaning of true LOVE and why I will teach it to many. Love has many levels to it, and sometimes you have to go through some things to understand how solid it is and can be. Love is patient, Love is kind, Love doesn’t envy, Love doesn’t boast, Love isn’t proud. Love isn’t self-seeking, Love isn’t easily angered, Love keeps no record of wrong. LOVE is so beautiful and a gift, through the good and the bad I have been that and so much more concerning you. Love will always win and that’s a fact, LOVE has the power to heal anything.