What do you do and how do you respond to people who cannot see their wrong? Because pride and pure stubbornness blocks truth, how do you deal with someone who favors and cares for others more? And basically show in actions you don’t matter, and your feelings don’t matter when fact is every soul matters. And we must be careful with how we treat all people, no matter what we speak it’s the actions that truly matter. So without actions words are just null and void, then when you add disrespect and disloyalty on top of that you have nothing. And for any relationship to prosper, there must be respect from every side without jealousy. Without mess or drama and backbiting, mixed with nothing but lies. What do anyone accomplish by doing that, and by staying in the midst of something and allowing themselves to be put in the middle? Anyone that gossip and entertain mess, and don’t shut the mess carrier down simply thrive off of foolishness.

Some people don’t understand the reaction that they receive, is simply because they deserve it. Especially when you don’t know what you will get. One moment they are one way and the next silence got their tounge, why because they are afraid of what others may think? Or simply in too deep under the control, of someone who stay too involved and for what? What are people’s motives in playing a part in other people’s pain? Why worry yourself with something that don’t concern you at all? And why allow another to put you in the midst, why continue to bring pain to someone who been there since day one? Where is the loyalty in a person like this and do they care? The answer is no they don’t care, because they show it in their actions. When they treat you like you are the enemy, when the only thing you are guilty of is loving too much. And being loyal to people that wasn’t loyal to you, so what do you do? I mean you can only be understanding for so long, and to be truthful there are no excuses for their unjust actions. No excuses whatsoever to mistreat someone, to throw a good person under the bus without care. And to judge them for what they assume they may know, truth is that isn’t love. Love don’t keep any record of wrong doing, and love will never hurt someone they say they love and care about. Nor will Love make you feel small, or feel as if your feelings and your heart don’t matter. So what do you do to make them understand and get it? You simply have to stop talking, because you cannot force hard hearts to open up or to see their wrong and get they aren’t always right. And they haven’t been right or done right for a long time, true change isn’t temporary. And the key is to learn from our mistakes, and not continue to repeat them.

A person who is real won’t continue to allow disrespect or games, and will never allow people to continue to treat them in a unjust way. Full with nothing but indifference, and wrong treatment. You teach people how to treat you by what you allow, and if you continue to allow disrespect and pain. That’s exactly what you will get until you stand up for yourself, and you aren’t wrong for speaking the truth you have that right.


Author: ladyebonyl

Walking in my truth using life lessons to help the next. Perfecting my craft one blog at a time, walk with me on the journey of telling my story.

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