Truth Is.

Truth is when you genuinely love someone because of their heart, and you got to know both sides of them. And in spite of the wrong you genuinely still love and care for them as a person, because you honor, respect, and appreciate them flaws and all. And you believe in them and see so much greatness and good in the person, you have been loyal to and always will be in spite of hurt and dissapointment.  And through the heart aches you still lift the person up, because you will forever love the person unconditionally. Because your heart and soul became connected to the person. Not based on looks but a divine connection. When you find something so valuable that’s like none other and special, one should really hold on to it because true loyal people are very rare these days and hard to come by. And one should never allow pride to stand in the way, or the judgemental ways of anyone because what truly matters is what makes the person happy and not what other people may think or said.


Stop Judging People!

I’ve seen this so much were people judge people either by their skin color, weight, how they look, if their hair is long enough or too short, or if they’re good enough to talk to or even hang with or get close to. People judge one another either from the opinions of others, or what they think they may know about a person instead of taking a true chance on getting to know a person. They push them off to the side often times mistreating them, causing the person to begin to question their worth and value based on the way some people make them feel.  Instead of looking at the soul, heart, or the content of the character in today’s society if you don’t fit the mold. Or if you don’t look the part of what people feel is good enough. They write you off and you get treated as if you were in a evil movie put into the pile of “not good enough”, when truth is you’re more than enough!  Some people are very prideful and miss out on the chance of getting to know a good person, because they’re too busy judging them by the way they look and it’s sad but so very true and ridiculously wrong. When people pick and choose who they want to know based off physical attributes, or material things it’s like a initiation of are you good enough to hang with the crowd. This is where a form of bullying comes into play causing emotional damage, and spiritual scars, it’s either you’re too pretty or not pretty enough and truth is no one has that right to make people feel bad about themselves! Because we were all created different and uniquely made from great hands so that makes us all a one of a kind creation, that has a right to shine and not be pushed aside to the back burner of “Not Good Enough” and people should spend less time judging others for what they may or may not be or have. And more time genuinely loving one another and helping add more love and light to a dark world that has so much cruelty, fact is people can feel vibes and what you put out to the universe and how you treat people. Will eventually come back to you rather you’re ready to receive it aren’t!

You live and you learn.

At anytime I can delete social media because it really don’t matter to me at all. I don’t get on social media to post for likes I could care less about them, I get on there to post truth and whatever is put on my heart to say. Here recently I became really discouraged because I walked into 2016, with great expectations and still do have them. But I have started to see some of the same old ways in some of the same people that I refuse to deal with in 2016, in 2015 I had to suffer through some things  and some things were revealed to me regarding certain people. I didn’t want to believe it when it came to light, because it was already shown to me by God and if we would just listen more to Him when He sends warnings….. We could save ourselves from a lot of things ahead  of time, no one has to tell me to pray or seek God even the more I naturally hunger and thirst on my own for more so I go searching. If we as humans aren’t careful we can easily allow negativity from people to consume us, and distract us from the road of continuing to do better.  There are people who will forever judge you on past mistakes, because they feel they have that right when fact is they truly don’t. It’s in their actions that speaks so loud and clear that they’re stuck, when you’re too busy growing and they won’t let you be better. Fact is you have a right to stand up for yourself and speak up for yourself , if they cannot accept it that’s not your problem but something in them that they need to work on. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”. While they’re busy pointing out old things, thinking they know who you’re when fact is they truly don’t. Ask it to be revealed to them who is the problem, because what they’re and have pointed out in you what they think is wrong or in their opinion is still wrong. Could very well be that in them and the way they treat you is the problem. And they need to work on themselves and find a better solution to help them truly forgive, because they will never move forward looking backwards and they need to learn how to treat all people the same and not some indifferent . And that starts with real genuine love from the heart, and allow their character to speak genuinely and loving in truth.


What are promises when some people break them without a care?  People will fill your head up with broken words they call a promise, or promises and quickly change on you. Someone who said they would be there for you and have your back, and no one would ever come between the two of you. Can quickly turn around and be so cold to you as if you never did truly matter and you know you did. What are promises when the one you cared for the most, can just turn around and break them without a care?  Just like seasons change so do people, and in the end when it’s all said and done tough times will separate those who genuinely have your back. From those who did nothing but feed you broken promises, leaving you alone to clean up the broken pieces of your heart. Never a easy process at all but with God on your side and hope in your heart  to keep going….. It’s possible to eventually recover it all and then some. 

Don’t backtrack

I want to share a valuable lesson learned today. I know before the New Year comes many people make “New Years Resolutions”, speaking of things they will do different in the New Year and all the things they want! Awesome way to walk into change, believing in ourselves more is a step we can all take into a better direction. I came into the New Year with tears of joy, grateful I made it into a New Year and seeing my reflection knowing I don’t look like the hell I went through. Oh!  But here comes the universe trying to steal my joy in the form of some evil people, reminding me of some things regarding a certain person I left behind. I begin to question “why are some people so cruel ” just for no reason at all? Just ugly on the inside, and full of so much hate and prideful ways towards others for no reason at all. My smile I kept on my face having to remind myself of the change I so desire , I wasn’t about to let these people see me break under pressure because I already had training in 2015. But it did shake my spirit in a way, and made me wonder what more do I need to do to reach the hurt. Because, “hurt people do hurt people” innocent people at that! How do I continue to stand strong and keep the heart of Empathy I do have, and still not allow it to bother me or make me backtrack?  How do I help others see light in spite of what they may be going through, and not allow their hurt to spill over on me and cause me to backtrack?  A very wise woman once said to me, “if you’re not careful you will allow people to steal your life a way”. I know I can’t save the world even though I feel like sometimes it is on my shoulders. I have always been one to care more about people in spite of their wrong towards me, I have always been one to care more about people than they do me and their actions show it. And in 2016 I vowed to take care of me a little more, we can’t help others if we don’t first help ourselves be even more better. And in 2016 and beyond I vow not to backtrack!!!!!!